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How To Do It Yourself: Green Screen Studios

Did you know the easy way that film directors manage to form stunning visuals on screen which you would never, for the life of you, see naturally in real life? They make use of green screen terraces to achieve the effect. What is green screening? Green screening is known by lots of other names. Some of those names include chroma keying, blue screening or color-keying.

It is naturally safe to assume that green screen studios make use of green screening or chroma keying to achieve the specified effect. Green Screening is a technique used in video production whereby a background will be superimposed onto another background so that the foreground image will be seen with the new background. How does it work? Let us take for example the entire process of shooting a video. You’ve got your subject to perform whatever actions you need in front of a green screen.

After the shoot, the video will go thru post-processing and the green or blue screen will be substituted for a picture or another video. In effect, you will have your subject or your actor moving and acting in whatever sort of environment you would like. Preparing the video to put in the green screen is another story altogether though. The most typical application of this technology is through the weather report system. The weatherman stands in front of a green screen and describes what the weather will be like for the next couple of days. The animated representations of the map and the storms and hurricanes which will plague different areas are a product of substituting the green screen with an mpeg of the map.

There are a couple of things to consider when you’re using green screen apartments. First would be the space. The usual problem for filmmakers when using the green screen is that the space is too limited and the lighting is too uneven. This is the reason why it is tantamount to your success to find green screen apartments that are huge and permit maximum mobility.

Another issue that you’re going to come across with using green screen studios is the incompetent lighting. It is important that light is spread evenly in across the background if you need a smooth, fluid movement dancing in your screen. Correctly measure the distance that you will cover and the area of the green screen studio that you will use and you cannot get it wrong.

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